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“The combination of a quiet mind and the ability to breath. To Be present, to feel strong and supple. In my opinion, all key ingredients on the way to becoming the golfer you want to be. Anne-Marie Kennedy has delivered workshops for us at The Irish Ladies Golf Union and has spent time with our 28 top players from October 2011 to the present day. Her input has been invaluable. She has slowed down the busiest of minds, stretched the stiffest of players and centered those who by their own admission needed some centering. I would recommend that you or your club avail of Anne-Marie’s services now and open up a new chapter in your development. Enjoy.”
David Kearney
Irish Ladies Golf Union High Performance Manager

“Anne-Marie’s classes have been great since the start. I am now into my 7th class and I can already feel the progress in my stability, flexibility and posture. This is vital to me to help stay injury free. It is an hour that I highly recommend all golfers to do. It will help you. It has helped me!”

Padraig Harrington Golf Scholars – National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM)

‘As a Manager of a golf scholarship programme, I recognise the importance and benefits of yoga for golfers.  In each class, the scholars get the opportunity to work on posture, stability, flexibility, strengthening and breath awareness as well as the psychological game in terms of relaxation, focus and outcome visualisation. This unique and specialised service offered by Anne Marie Kennedy, Yoga for Golf IRELAND is helping my players to improve the key physical and mental attributes of the game. Yoga for Golfers is a vital part of our programme.  I am delighted to be working with Anne Marie and look forward to our partnership in the future.’
Manager, Paddy Harrington Golf Scholarship Programme at NUI Maynooth

“As the physical side of golf becomes ever more important, Anne Marie’s yoga classes provide an excellent platform for golfers to bring their golf game to the next level. The vast knowledge that Anne Marie has of the game of golf, makes her classes unique and specific in improving the key physical aspects that enhance the golf swing. I’m looking forward to working with Anne Marie in the future.”

“The classes are fun and enjoyable, in a relaxed setting which allows us to enjoy the classes as a break from whatever stresses we may have, while also getting the benefits of yoga. The atmosphere is great and nobody feels embarrassed if they are struggling with the exercise, the instruction is good and easy to follow.”

“This is my first experience of yoga and I am finding it beneficial to date. It has increased my flexibility and my ability to control myself on the course through understanding my breathing.”

“As a Golf Professional I am well aware of the affect physical limitations can have on our golf game. Yoga for Golf Ireland has helped me enormously. After the classes with Anne Marie I feel refreshed, energised and free of the tension I gather throughout the day. I have noticed incredible improvements physically and mentally since I began practicing yoga with Anne Marie. I will be recommending her classes to all my clients.”
Donal Scott
PGA Professional

“Personally, I love participating in yoga classes. I see vast improvements in my posture and core strength and also find that the breathing exercises can be translated into all aspects of my day, including golf. Areas I find most appealing include increased upper body flexibility which has helped loosen my shoulder muscles and decreased tension in my shoulders. I feel like I have more energy the next day after practicing and can’t forget how good Savasana is at the end of the class :)”

“I’m really enjoying the classes and always feel very positive and relaxed afterwards. I think my overall flexibility and stability have improved and I enjoy the relaxation as it relieves stress. The thing I most enjoy would be the flexibility exercises with the belt.”

“I really look forward to doing the yoga stretches because it relaxes your body for the whole day, relieves stress and if it is before playing golf you feel flexible and relaxed. The benefits I get from yoga is that it releases all tension from my body.To pick a particular aspect of the class that is most appealing to me would be very hard because I enjoy everything in the class, from working on breathing to doing deep stretches.

“The classes have really helped me with learning how to control my thoughts when playing golf by focussing on particular things. The exercises are very helpful for balance and posture, and very enjoyable.”

“I am very much enjoying the classes. Having never tried Yoga before, I am finding it very challenging. After week 1, and the opening of the shoulders, or separation of shoulders and hips, the shoulder pain I always suffer from was not there when I played 18. I enjoy the core work poses and the full body workout and really appreciate the shutting down times to relax the mind and body. It’s the only time during the week I try this. I love the class.”

“Really like the breathing, helping to stay in the present, keeping the mind from straying.”

“I find the classes very enjoyable and feel to be getting slightly more flexible overall. The core area seems a little stronger and when I’ve got the chance to play some golf there seems more freedom in the swing. lower back pain seems to be less frequent also… overall very positive.”

“The main reason I decided to take a class was to help with my flexibility and also to learn some exercises that I could do on my own, that focused on the core muscles used in the Golf swing.  I really didn’t expect Yoga to be as good for exercise but now I’m a complete convert. The course is excellent and Anne Marie is a great instructor. Highly recommended.”

“Dear Anne Marie, joining your Yoga class at the GUI was a leap of faith for me as at this stage of my life with some sports injuries and a lot of wear and tear what would I gain. The experience is great, your attention to correctness and explanation of detail and execution of the exercise safely is appreciated. Particularly the first night you noticed I had difficulty with one exercise, you found a solution, many thanks. Best of luck.”

“I’m on my second series of classes with Anne Marie and strongly recommend it. A fantastic way to assist recovery from injury, but has also improved my general flexibility and balance. It’s a quiet hour of the week that I really look forward to now.”

“My reasons for trying yoga were twofold: to increase my flexibility for golf; and to help alleviate lower back problems which had been bothering me for around three years. By attending the classes and carrying out some of the stretches taught by Anne Marie each night at home, i am now pain free and able to play golf without the need for painkillers. The classes are fun, relaxed and enjoyable and i’d recommend to golfers of all ages and handicaps – particularly those who may be carrying injuries.”