Why Condition for Golf?

Golf is such a wonderful sport with a lot of benefits. It offers the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors in the most beautifully landscaped surroundings. It promotes camaraderie and is conducive to business ventures and social outings. It is also one of the only sports that is trans-generational that all the family can enjoy. But what is the common denominator? Every golfer whether amateur or professional wants to play better golf and ultimately lower scores!!!

Golf rules allow 14 clubs in the bag, however the most most important club is the 15th – your body!!

Golf is perceived as a game of technical skill more so than a sport requiring athleticism. This misperception often results in mediocre performance and injury. The golf swing is a very complex athletic movement, where a club head speed can reach over 80 mls/hr in under 1.3 seconds. Golfers need to train the body just as any other athlete would train for their sport.

Tiger Woods and players of his generation have transformed the image of the stereotypical golfer, which has largely been a heavyset, cigar-smoking, potbellied hacker to a well-trained, physically powerful, mentally strong, talented athlete.

It is NEVER too late to introduce a golf specific conditioning regime into your life!

What is golf specific conditioning?

Think about a high performance race car. It is a machine that requires specialised care – the right fuel, perfectly fitted parts and on-going maintenance. Golf conditioning is similar to formulating the best parts for peak performance. It is critical that a golf specific fitness programme be designed for the unique demands of this sport.

Many golfers believe that cardiovascular conditioning is important for endurance on the course. They spend 45 mins a day on the treadmill, walking at a fast pace on one plane of intensity.

When a golfer’s muscles develop hardness and size like a weightlifter’s they retard the ease and quickness of hitting, which count so much at the instant of impact.” Harry Vardon

This golfer feels like he is training adequately for golf but he is not! Physical endurance on the golf course can only be achieved with a comprehensive, hybrid series of conditioning methodologies that will incorporate the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Core Conditioning
  • Balance
  • Explosive/Speed Training
  • Good Posture
  • Mental Focus
  • Energy Management
  • Proper Recovery

*Swing flaws and Fitness fixes, Katherine Roberts http://www.krtotalfitness.com/cgi-local/store/cart/List.cgi?F=s&ID=000069